ImageAre you really a loving person? Not just by words but by deeds and action.  Check your love meter; you might discover that you are running low on love and have some spiritual work to do.  I will tell you how to check your ‘love meter’ in a second.  For a few years now, I have been on this spiritual journey, and movement of enlightenment.  Often, I spiritually examine my inner self to see if my actions, thoughts, and life are in proper alignment with God’s will for my life.  I do this as a daughter of the Most High, a future wife, and as a life coach that speaks to other people about aligning themselves spiritually and as a woman who wants to offer the best part of me to my future partner of sacredness [My husband]. How I accomplish this task is by daily and frequently, engaging in committed meditation, fellowship with the Most High in prayer and biblical studies, educating myself on more than spirituality or the gospel as usual.   Recently, I decided to check my love meter and discovered the meter was not where I thought it was.  All of my life people have thought and referred to me as a loving person.  Mainly due to the way I live my life and the love and treatment I give to others.

However, when I checked my meter, I discovered I was running low on love.  My ‘love meter’ had registered to a measure, that, I thought not possible to be a measurement in my heart. Although, I have been on this spiritual journey for the past few years, in this journey, I experienced an unusual amount of betrayal, hurt and pain by people I have supported, helped, loved, and extended my generosity.  I allowed these experiences to alter my true loving self. I allowed these experiences to keep me from those who had loved me unconditionally, but I failed to see that because the betrayal and sting of pain was much more overwhelming and impacting. I allowed these experiences to deplete my love to nearly empty and hurt, resentment, hatred, set up residence in my heart.

Several months ago, on a Thursday morning about 4:00 am God’s presence disturbed my sleep.  They always say that when God is nudging it is time to get to kneeling.  Therefore, I rolled out of bed and begun to pray.  I knew what God wanted.   He wanted to tattoo my spirit with endearing kisses; pierce my heart to release the hurt and pain; and to replenish it with his love again.  Although, I followed through to pray the fleshly side of me wanted to remain angry and upset; but what was I to do; God was present and he said that it was time to let it go; and these experiences were necessary to strengthen me, because he had a greater purpose and work to do through me.  He wanted to let me know that for as many people who betrayed and hurt me there is much more that needed to receive and be touched by the gifts that he has placed in my spirit.  There are people truly looking to be bathed in God’s love. There are people seeking healing; there are people seeking guidance; there are people seeking direction. There are people seeking for understanding on how to unleash the talents’ that God has given them, there are people looking for hope; there are people looking for that road that leads to divine happiness in life; there are those who know of God, but still need to find him, and he has specifically assigned me to those people.  As I surrendered, in this moment of meditation and prayer, God enlightened me and I tapped into a profound sense of wisdom and a keen revelation on the real deal about love.  He reminded me that he was LOVE.  He reminded me what the characteristics of love were and what they were not.  Vividly, these words rehearsed in my mind: [Love is patient, kind, pure, honest, genuine, valuable, and uplifting; it is not insolent, jealous, envious, arrogant, boastful, conceited, fake, rash, deceitful, painful, hateful or hurting.]

He also reminded me that forgiving those that have wronged us is essential to our spiritual growth.  It is our endurance, that will sustain us in our walk with him; and for as long as we live we will have to endure things not so pleasant; but remember they come to make us stronger.  So FORGIVE and do it sincerely and quickly.

When I reviewed these words, and found the emotions or behaviors associated within me that, I allowed to deplete my love to nearly empty [painful, hateful, and hurting.]  When I found where I was in the mix, I began working on those things and begin to renew my mind by thinking on things; true, honest, just, pure, and lovely” {Philippians 4:8 KJV Cambridge Edition}

If we all are truthful with ourselves, we will discover that we all could be running low on the ‘love meter.  We will realize that it is time to replenish love in our lives, in order, to own the life, love and liberty that we can truly have in our lives by having a committed spiritual relationship with God, instead of just a religious experience with him.

After self examining yourself; should you find that something is out-of-place; be honest with yourself, and get to work!.  Replenishing Your Love is the only way for your life to move forward “God is Love” so if you have not love; you do not have God.  Check your love meter by asking yourself “Am I a Loving Person?” If  after asking yourself this question you find no blemish; then you are good to go.  However, if after self reflecting you find anything in you that contradicts the Love that is designed by God then begin taking these steps: 

Seven Steps to Replenish the Love on Your Meter

  • Self Reflection and Examination
  • Identifying those things that are not characteristics of love and ridding yourself of them
  • Meditate, Pray, and engage in Spiritual Studies on a Daily Basis
  • Increase in your service to others [Use wisdom, and be led of God to whom those persons are]
  • Practice Forgiving
  • Remind Yourself of What Love Is
  • Make a Commitment to let the Love of God be the Force that Drives You

I became transparent in this post, because there are far too many who remain disillusion by where they are spiritually and will not grow and truly grasp the concept that the “Life, Love, and Liberty” that they desire are truly attainable– but things must change.  If you have enjoyed reading by book “Motivation by the Book,” you are going to, truly, appreciate my new release “Spirituality – The Link to the Love and Liberty in My Life”. ***In this book you will read about some of the things I encountered in my spiritual journey past, present, and future; you will learn how your spirituality is directly linked to everything that occurs in your life; and that it is the link in manifesting your ultimate life.  Any of my new releases are available only on my websites: or my publishing site: www.livinglifewellpublishing.comsite is being updated.  Tune into my show weekly “Living Life Well with Michelle” on WDRJ 1440 AM – Detroit from anywhere available.On air number 313-871-6094.   Keep checking in on us to find out about the exciting things the Most High is doing for us in the upcoming future.